Quick Tips on How to Determine if You Need a Visitor Visa for Canada

Need a Visitor Visa for Canada

Don’t Know the type of visa you need for your trip/relocation to Canada. Determine if You Need a Visitor Visa for Canada

There are so many reasons to visit Canada but knowing what documentation you need upon entering is important. I mean you do not want to get to Canada and then be told to turn around. Know the documentation required for your country.

Determine if You Need a Visitor Visa for Canada

visitor visa is for people who want to enter the country temporarily whether for business or pleasure. Canada does not require visitor visa’s from many of the countries. However, other documentation is needed upon entering the country. Here you will find out if you need a visitor visa for Canada or not.

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Sometimes a visitor visa is required and there are way too many countries to list one by one to tell you if you need a visitor visa or not. However, this is the first step in determining if you are required to have one before entry into Canada. In order to this, you can go to their website and enter your countries name to see if you are required to have one.



Even if you are not required to obtain a visitor visa, you might be required to obtain what is called an ETA. This is linked directly to your passport, so it is important that you use the same passport that you used to apply for the ETA. It takes minutes after applying to be approved or not. All except the United States citizens will be required to have an ETA unless you have a valid Canadian visa.

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If you are a United States citizen all that is required to enter Canada is your passport. However, all those who enter Canada are required to have their passport and the ETA is linked to their passport.

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